Barcelona Open Banco Sabadell, a classic in the world of tennis

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 The Conde de Godó trophy, a whole centennial event

The Conde de Godo Trophy, officially known as the Barcelona Open Banco Sabadell, which was first contested in 1953, has become an emblem for Catalonia and has become the most sacred sporting event held every year in our city, and also one of the most important social events in Spain. Since 1968, the challenge makes reference to one of the most International Championships of Spain and also is considered one of the events most appreciated by our Spanish players and all the fans and lovers of this sport as enshrined in Spain and all the world.

In 1999 this sport club celebrated its anniversary, fulfilling its centenary and being consolidated as the most historic club in Spanish tennis world thanks to tennis players well known as Rafa Nadal, the retired Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario, Albert Costa, Fernando Verdasco and Nicolás Almagro among many other players in the Spanish and international sporting landscape

From the Hotel Omm, your luxury hotel in Barcelona, we offer you the opportunity for attending to a sporting event of such magnitude as the Conde de Godó trophy is, where you can enjoy not only the magnificent and incredible facilities offered by the enclosure but also you have the opportunity to see playing tennis the most important and recognized worldwide Spanish players. Remember that you are expected to go to the Conde de Godó trophy between 16 and 24 April an event held on the tennis courts of the emblematic district of Pedralbes. You will not regret this magnificent and so cherished sporting event held in Barcelona once every year!