Barcelona slow Route 6: The Gothic Square by Square

Hotel Omm

In addition the Gothic area has some of the more important squares and with more history of Barcelona. Every day these squares fill up of artits, street performers and tourists and locals who walk through them.

Your Barcelona’s hotel recommends that you should start the route in the heart of the gothic area, Nova Square, or like everybody knows, Cathedral Square. There we can find Santa Eulalia´s Cathedral, with a gothic style and the Episcopal Palace. As a continued tradition every Sunday morning there are improvised groups dancing the ‘sardana’ the tipical catalan dance.

After that we can continue by Bisbe Street to arrive at Garriga and Bachs Square where we find a monument dedicated to locals martyrs who participed against Napoleon troops.

If we walk around this square we can find another one very important, Sant Felip Neri Square, where there is a baroque style church that gives name to the square. In his façade we can see rest of the Civil War booms.

After this we come back to Bisbe Street to arrive at to the more relevant square in this moment, Sant Jaume Square. In this one there are two of the buildings more important of Barcelona, the City Hall and the Palace of the Generalitat. In the roman and medieval time this square was public and politic center.

To finish, Sant Just Square where we can find the oldest fountain of the city and a church.

After this tour nothing better than have a rest and eat something in a Mediterranean restaurants like Luzia and Bar Lobo. Both of them belong to Tragaluz Group, and they are informal restaurants where you can go at any time of the day to eat something. The terrace of Bar Lobo is perfect to spent the time!