Rituals of the World. Mediterranean Five Senses, Turkish Delicacies, Medina Lights, Ayurvedic Shirodara Ritual, Beauty Ritual by Natura Bissé.

Mediterranean five sensesWorld Rituals | Hotel Spa in Barcelona | Hotel Omm
Mediterranean five senses

The freshness of our sea expressed through our hands and through the typical products of our land, with aromas that will make you recall a moment of an unforgettable sunset. This treatment consists of intense exfoliation with essential citrus oils, wrapping with trace elements, bathing and a moisturizing massage.

90' — 175€
Turkish delicaciesWorld Rituals | Hotel Spa in Barcelona | Hotel Omm
Turkish delicacies

Following the style of the Turkish baths of Istanbul, you will feel your body and your skin rejuvenating like never before. This treatment contains exfoliation with a kessa glove, wrapping with ghassoul (a clay rich in minerals that does not damage the acidic layer of the skin) and finalizing with a therapeutic massage.

90' — 175€
Medina LightsWorld Rituals | Hotel Spa in Barcelona | Hotel Omm
Medina Lights

A nutritious, sensual and relaxing treatment that offers the skin a sweet care. It will recover its softness and luminosity with the use of natural shea while the warm and mysterious perfume of amber provides a deep feeling of well-being. All you have to do is close your eyes and remain silent to get carried away by Eastern perfumes and aromas.

90' — 175€
Ayurvedic shirodara ritualWorld Rituals | Hotel Spa in Barcelona | Hotel Omm
Ayurvedic shirodara ritual

In this Ritual you will feel sensations that will carry you to the South of India, to Kerala, where the most relaxing and sensitive treatments can be found. We will pour a hot oil flow with a pendulum movement, smoothly and continuously, over the third eye,which is located in the center of the forehead.

90' — 190€
Natura Bissé beauty ritualWorld Rituals | Hotel Spa in Barcelona | Hotel Omm
Natura Bissé beauty ritual

With this ritual you will be able to enjoy our pure Vitamin C treatments both in the face and in the body. It is the perfect option for skins damaged by the sun and to free radicals.

120' — 250€