Special personalised treatments. Special relaxation, Deep tissue, Relieving, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Tuina, Nuad Bo Rarn, Ayurvedic, Synchronized with four hands and beauty treatments by Natura Bissé.

Alone with silenceSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Special offer
Alone with silence

This April, from Monday to Friday, we offer a circuit to disconnect from the world and reconnect with oneself. It includes steam bath with savon noir, a deep exfoliation with kessa glove and shower, a moisturizing and nourishing massage with amber and shea honey and 10 minutes of relaxation in our gravitation room.

55' — 65€
Relaxation | AromatherapySpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Relaxation | Aromatherapy

This relaxing massage aims to relieve stress and accumulated tension. To do so, it is done slowly, with paused and long movements, but with a firm and progressive pressure.

60' — 95€
ReflexologySpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm

Reflexology is a technique originally from China based on the pressure of reflex points in our feet for the more than 7,000 nerve endings in them, contributing to alleviate diverse physical disorders.

60' — 105€
ShiatsuSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm

Shiatsu is a Japanese millennial technique that uses fingers, feet, knees and palms of the hands to apply pressures to the surface of the body in order to correct imbalances and maintain health.

60' — 105€
Tui-naSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm

Tui-na is a therapeutic Chinese massage with more than 2,000 years of history. It is based on the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine and it consists of the pressure of acupuncture points in order to relieve any pain.

60' — 105€
Nuad Bo RarnSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Nuad Bo Rarn

This Thai massage is a sequence of pressures on points and meridians with circulatory pressures, joint mobilizations, stretching and reflex stimulations rhythmically chained. It is made using a Tatami and with specific clothing.

60' — 105€
Descontracturant | TherapeuticSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Descontracturant | Therapeutic

This therapeutic massage is the oldest used by humans to provide natural relief from pain. It improves circulatory function, helps to restore the mobility of damaged muscle tissues, alleviates and reduces pain while providing a well-being and relaxing state of mind.

60' — 105€
AbhyangamSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm

One of the massage techniques of Ayurvedic medicine, originally from India, it is a body massage based on the application of oils and essences chosen according to the status of each dosha (personality).

60' — 180€
AyurvedaSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm

The aim of this massage is to detoxify the skin, improve the frame of mind and relieve tiredness. The Ayurvedic massage promotes the integration of mind and spirit with the body.

60' — 130€
Synchronized with four handsSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Synchronized with four hands

Two therapists (request appointment 24h in advance). The purpose of the four-hand massage is the simultaneous and symmetrical stimulation of the body’s nervous and muscular systems, generating a deep relaxation mood which is greatly benefitial to a mental level.

60' — 180€
Facial The cure therapySpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Facial The cure therapy

The purity of a beauty ritual with three objectives: to restore, to detoxify and to moisturize the skin. It consists of deep exfoliation and extractions.

70' — 110€
Facial Vitamina C+CSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Facial Vitamina C+C

This treatment, based on the firming properties of vitamin C, prevents skin aging, as well as protecting from the harmful effects of the sun. It also prevents from sagging and stimulates the production of collagen.

60' — 105€
Facial diamond lífting multisensorialSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Facial diamond lífting multisensorial

A luxury for the skin. This treatment improves elasticity, has a rejuvenating effect and reduces wrinkles. It is a global anti-aging treatment for the most demanding skins, hydrating them immediately and with a long lasting effect.

90' — 170€
Corporal diamond roseSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Corporal diamond rose

A body ritual with diamond powder and scent of roses. This is an exclusive and romantic treatment with a great renovating power that will take you to a deep state of well-being and relaxation.

90' — 150€
Citrus bathSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Citrus bath

A sweet body wrap, after an intense exfoliation, ideal for sun damaged skin and free radicals. Using pure Vitamin C, this treatment provides the skin with elasticity and intensive hydration.

60' — 150€
Pulsed light body treatmentSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Pulsed light body treatment

A body treatment with a firming, anti-cellulite and anti-aging effect in which pulsed light technology and a special firming cream are used to favor the drainage of toxins. We recommend two sessions a week.

60' — 95€
Facial GalvanicSpa hotel treatments | Hotel Omm | Spaciomm
Facial Galvanic

A reaffirming facial ritual which uses galvanic current to especially define and improve the lines of expression, the firmness, the oval of the face and the double chin.

45' — 80€