Barcelona’s history in pictures

Art, Barcelona

The Barcelonese streets have been the set of several and important events through the history, and at this art show, we can find numerous pictures of some of them. We are talking about a century and a half portrait in images that show the evolution of the city in urbanity, social and culture fields.

Photographic evolution

As time went by in the streets of Barcelona, the horizons also did so, and same thing did the photographic techniques used by all photographers interested in capturing the wonderful things hidden inside the culture of the catalane capital. Therefore, in this photographic archive we not only just see time passing for the city, by but we can also appreciate the modern photographic techniques developing through time.

With the arrival of new technologies, we see a noticeable change in the quality and the composition of portraits showing at this exhibition. Although we have now all kind of tools and modern devices in the palm of our hand to take good pictures and share them in social media, there was a time where only a few people had resources to portrait daily moments of Barcelona, maybe even without knowing these pictures will eventually become an important part of the city’s history. A worthy visual history to admire in the more of a million images presented in this exhibition that you can enjoy for free from Tuesdays to Sundays, opening at 12h and closing at 20h, until September 25th at the Center of Image “La Virreina”.

From our 5 stars hotel in Barcelona, we want you to know the most relevant facts of Barcelona’s history through these pictures that promise to take you back in time to the old years of the city.