Beethoven Eroica with the Philharmonia

Hotel Omm

During its time in L’Auditori, the Philharmonia will perform, under Clemens Schuldt’s direction, the famous Beethoven n.3 Symphony, known as “Eroica”; one of the pieces that meant the big transformation of romantic music in the XIX century.  It will be accompanied by the Beethoven Coriolan Overture, about the legendary roman hero, and the Chopin Piano Concert n.2.

This British symphony orchestra, founded in 1945 by Walter Legge, is the most recorded in the world with more than a thousand recordings and has its own record label. It has also collaborated in multiple movie productions, performing their soundtrack. In this occasion, the Philharmonia brings two emerging values, one of them being the virtuous pianist Daniil Trifonov.

The concert will take place Thursday January 29th at 8.30pm in the Hall Pau Casals of L’Auditori and it’s part of the Ibercamera program, one of the most prestigious musical cycles of Barcelona.  You can purchase your ticket in the L’Auditori or Ibercamera website, with a price range of 24€ to 128€.