Bellcaire Exhibition – Encants Vells


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A tour around the Bellcaire exhibition

This so-called fairground was characterized for so many years by being the major outdoor market, but nowadays, although its amazing covering distinguished by being full of mirrors gives it an Avant-garde identity, the main essence and the effect of buying outdoors remain unaffected.
Supplied with different levels, the market is located in harmony with the different stuff being sold. While the snack stalls reign in the higher floor, we can find all sorts of merchandise in the lower one, such as furniture, clothes, books… but also collector’s items with unbeatable prices.
Known for being the most appreciate outdoor market in Barcelona, Encants Vells’ special engaging is due to its public auction, which is performed three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday. Its repercussion comes from the fact that it is the only fairground in Europe where this kind of business is already achieved.
It is important to remember that Bellcaire exhibition exists since the 13th century, although throughout its historical context it has been relocated in different areas of the city temporaly. Its beginnings date back to the 19th century and, consequently, we can find the fusion of both markets and the creation of what we know as Encants Vells – Bellcaire exhibition.
Due to all that, your luxe hotel has considered “Els Encants Vells” a great instance throughout Europe for learning not only how to preserve and reflect its medieval origins but also for evolving by maintaining its personal identity.