Benvenuto Cellini

Hotel Omm

Benvenuto Cellini presents an opportunity to be part of the staging of this lyrical work to the opera lover spectator. Under the attraction produced in title itself; this opera brings to the stage the passion story of Benvenuto Cellini.


The plot of Benvenuto Cellini

Benvenuto Cellini, the protagonist of the play, fights for the love of his beloved Teresa, and at the same time, fights for his own freedom as an artist and individual. In the professional field, Pope Clement VII commissioned him to carry out the sculpture of Perseus. This commission disliked both Balducci, Teresa’s father and Clemente VII papal treasurer, and Fieramosca, Balducci right hand that wants him as the sculptor of the work and the husband of his daughter, Teresa. Impressed by the Rome Carnival, Benvenuto decides to run away with Teresa. The plan did not get the result expected, but Pope Clement VII promises that if he merges the statue before midnight, he will grant the approval to marry Teresa.


Curiosities of the work Benvenuto Cellini

Hotel Omm in Paseo de Gracia, wants to offer a recognition of this lyrical work, referring to the first performance of the opera in the city. The thing is that this is not the first time that the interpretation of Benvenuto Cellini is performed. In 1977, the opera art flooded the Teatre Liceu, honouring the theatre with the distinction of being the only theatre in Spain to stage the work. This time, the production comes from the hands of ex-component of Monty Python, Terry Gilliam. The star cast is the De Nederlandse Opera in Amsterdam with the English National Opera in London and the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome.

Moreover, in Barcelona we are lucky to enjoy the performance of the opera in its original form, what it is to say, in French.

It is a stage full of colour, movement and art. Gilliam surprises us with a striking work and presents a continuous narrative that makes us travel through the plot story. The cast of performers is excellent as it is the quality of staging, dance and precision in detail of all aspects.

This November Hotel Omm has something to tell you: When the going gets tough, enjoy of art!