When is the best time to visit Barcelona?

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Being one of the 5 favorite cities to visit par excellence, is one of the principal destinations demanded by tourists coming to Spain, from other countries of Europe or from the other side of the world.

What makes Barcelona a city so appealing that we do not want to miss a thing?

Barcelona stands out for its good gastronomy, its excellent cultural offer, leisure and above all for its pleasant climate throughout the year. The only element that is a bit unfavorable about the weather in Barcelona is the humidity. You can be feel it in the different seasons, but fortunately this is something that we can avoid if we take into account the meteorological parts that tend to be quite accurate, since the climate of Barcelona can be very predictable. Something favorable for those who schedule trips in advance.

The best months to visit Barcelona

From our 5 star hotel in Barcelona, where year after year we received a large influx of visitors looking for a luxurious stay. We can say that the best months to visit this wonderful city comprises from the first days of March, the months of April and May, including the first half of June, as one of the most advisable periods to visit the city.

In this period to visit Barcelona the climate is quite pleasant, the sunrays predominate with the beginning of spring, the days are warm although the nights are somewhat cool. However, during April we may be surprise by some spring rainfall, but do not worry because they are not usually too intense to spoil your visit to Barcelona; Also the influx of people through the streets is quite low compared to the summer season.

The same happens with the months of September, October and November. These months although they are colder because of the arrival of autumn are also an ideal moment to know the city. The climate is still pleasant, the influx of people in tourist places is much smaller, the colors of autumn beautify the city and the gastronomy of the city is dressed in autumn.

It is clear that if you are not fond of extremes as far as the weather is concerned, the time of half time is the best option for you, but that does not mean that during summer and winter is a bad option to visit Barcelona, since this city has a special charm in every season of the year.

Come to visit Barcelona and enjoy the privileged Mediterranean climate with an experience with Hotel OMM. What are you waiting to visit Barcelona?