Bigas Luna’s work at the Museum Can Framis

Hotel Omm

Brief tour through the career of Bigas Luna

Bigas Luna, with a great career in the film world, began his wanderings in this field due to a prior interest in the pictorial art. His background in the art world are found in the design. He was a student of design and teacher in the Eina and Elisava schools.

Can Framis museum decides to reflect this lesser known part of the filmmaker, and thus show how art, as seen through the eyes of Bigas Luna, is a homogeneous everything as he has worked in film, short films, collages, paintings and installations, among others.

It is true that the fame that he has gained is mostly because of his films. He is the creator of films that have marked an era in the Spanish cinema as Jamón, Jamón (1992), Huevos de Oro (1993) or Yo soy la Juani (2006).

Can Framis presents the less known Bigas Luna

Due to his successful career as a filmmaker; his artistic contribution to the world of painting has always been relegated to a second sphere.

Therefore, Can Framis Museum of Vila Casas Foundation in Poblenou has decided to strengthen the unknown part of the artistic production of the Catalan filmmaker to make the people aware of it.

The exhibition presents various aspects that construct the creative personality of an artist with an open mind and who is able to capture any small detail of reality to make a masterpiece of it.

The artistic production that you will see shows 14 of his works divided into four thematic areas.
– The first space dedicated to his work from home performing into paper any everyday object.
– The second section portrays creativity with fragments of lines on paper of what shooked his mind at a particular time.
– In the third part, you will find the representation of his diaries and notes.
– Finally, the fourth space reproduces the series Semillas, with nature as its main theme.

Hotel Omm encourages you to take this opportunity to know more deeply the artist Bigas Luna.