The Born at night: Meet Barcelona of 1700

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

The Born district, along with the Gothic Quarter, is one of the oldest in the city of Barcelona and was the economic center of the city between the 13th and 15th centuries.

This summer, in order to bring the neighborhood’s activity closer to its time of greatest economic splendor, the “Born Center de culture i memòria” performs an activity called “El Born de Nit” which takes place every Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 10pm  between the 28 of June and 31 of August.

The Born and its night routes

“El Born de Nit” organizes four routes of 60 minutes each; through them, you can discover what this emblematic neighborhood was like throughout the 1700’s. Focused on a relevant activity of the time, these four options will transfer you to the Barcelona of yesteryear.

Taverns and Hostels of the Barcelona of 1700

In those years, Barcelona went from being a manufacturing center to a director, commercial and distributor center. This significant change in the activity of maritime trade resulted in the increase of supply for the service sector. With these routes, visitors can go to the taverns and hostels where, through real stories, attendees have the opportunity to meet the most emblematic characters of the time.

Game, Prostitution and Business in the Barcelona of the 1700

In this neighborhood lived all kinds of people and activities, walking through its streets, one could meet with merchants, artisans, criminals, prostitutes … There was everything, from those people who could be considered honest to those who were not so much.

It was a time when Barcelona had become a city of pure business, where it was breathed prosperity and commercial dynamism. This tour invites you to know better the ins and outs of all these social conflicts.

Born de Nit

Exploring the streets and archaeological sites of the neighborhood, this route aims to explain the activities developed at that time. Specifically, it focuses on the different sites were the scene of the last tailings of the year 1714, a period in which the last military operations of the War of Spanish Succession took place.

The Ribera 1700

This tour offers the possibility of taking a virtual tour through geolocation. It is a virtual reality experience in which the neighborhood it’s seen at that time, giving the attendees the possibility of seeing the buildings that no longer exist.

For those who declare themselves lovers of Barcelona as for those who feel weak for history, if you want to know the true essence of the Born, we encourage you to do one of these four routes, as it is a different way of knowing the City. A walk through time and culture that pose as a perfect – and alternative – plan for the evenings of August.

In addition, to put the icing on a night of Catalan culture, we recommend the restaurant “Cuines de Santa Caterina” which is located a few meters from the Born. It is a restaurant of market cuisine located inside the iconic market of Santa Caterina.

From our hotel with Spa in Barcelona, we hope you enjoy these wonderful night routes!