Barcelona Botanical Garden


This space is in constant dynamism thanks to seasonal changes and that each year new species are planted, of which only those suited to the climate and soil characteristics are maintained. Today the species represented are roughly 1.350 but it is planned to reach 4.000 Mediterranean species from around the world.

The distribution of these species in the space of the Botanical Garden has been extensively studied, resulting in the species grouped according to their origin facilitating artificially recreating their original ecosystems. Furthermore, this space is used for farming and expose certain endangered spices, which leads to acculturation on which species we must protect and how.

Turned into a botanical and naturalist culture dissemination element, a visit to the Botanical garden is a good choice for family daytrips as it offers many activities throughout the year in addition to its temporary exhibitions.

Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona encourages you to enjoy this natural environment so distinctive and different from the rest of Europe, a space that will make you travel to California or Australia with its particular vegetation and to be enjoyed in family while learning how to avoid the extinction of certain species, among other things. Don’t miss it!