Bruce Davidson, in the Mapfre Foundation

Hotel Omm

Bruce Davidson, one of the leading photographers of the so-called humanist photography, offers a retrospective of the work of more than 50 years in the Mapfre Foundation. Discover a new way to see the humanistic photography until 28 August.

Bruce Davidson, American photographer born in Illinois in 1933, is one of the main representatives of humanistic photography, which by photographing people outside ends by explaining intimate stories. Looking at life through the lens from 10 years, Davidson won his first photographic award at age 16 and was maturing and growing staff and photographically to become part of the prestigious photo agency Magnum 1958.

50 years of people’s lives

Having started so young, Davidson has an extensive photographic record. The exhibition will be held at the Mapfre Foundation until August 28, you can see a small part comprising 50 years of his photographic journey. In this sample we can clearly see the photographic Davidson line where unknown people from different social groups appear mainly from an intimate perspective which invites the viewer to delve into the thoughts of the protagonist and his situation.

In this exhibition we can see samples of his photographs in different neighborhoods Americans gathered in his most famous works such as Brooklyn Gang, East 100th Street or Time of Change: Civil Rights Movement. We can also see some of his recent work as Nature of Nature of Los Angeles or Paris.

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