Caixa Fòrum presents the Phillips Collection

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Impressionistes i Moderns. Obres Mestres Phillips Collection.

If you consider yourself an art enthusiast or simply likes and interests it, you cannot miss one of the most important events of this Spring. We are talking about the exhibition of the Phillips Collection, an artistic journey that will take you to see the major works of the history of painting of the last two centuries, making a tour of the painters of Romanticism to the Expressionism, with important authors and recognized worldwide as Manet, Van Gogh, Degas, Sisley, Courbet, Picasso, Kandinsky, Pollock, among many others, all belonging to the large Phillips Collection in Washington, considered one of the largest collections of art in the United States as far as modern and avant-garde art is about.

An exceptional in the world of art opportunity.

This is a sample structured in six different blocks ranging from the works of Romanticism to the Abstract Expressionism, taking into account the most important and renowned of each of the different movement works. Considered one of the most exceptional opportunities available in Barcelona to see works of art of this magnitude, CaixaForum supplies its own infrastructure for the event to be carried out.

However, there are so many aspects to be commented. This sample also has several complementary activities, an extraordinary opportunity to be immersed deeper into the aspects of importance and interest to you. It has available some different activities such as Impressionistes i Moderns workshop, so you can enjoy the event with your family as well as a guided tour throughout the exhibition, part of a coffee-gathering so you can enjoy the exposure in a different way, more quietly,  in which it will deep in the interest that would wake up in the different groups organized to take place this activity, all of this accompanied by a good coffee.

You know, if you are an art lover, you cannot miss this very unique event that recommends Hotel Omm, your luxury hotel in Barcelona, ​​which takes place from March 11 to June 19 at Caixa Forum Barcelona. We wait.