‘Cara a Cara’ exhibition in Foto Colectania Foundation

Hotel Omm

On this occasion, the new Colectania exhibition arises from its own funds. That is why the photographic exhibition that will fill this autumn-winter becomes a cultural event of photography. ‘Cara a Cara’ presents a selection of works that are part of the foundation’s own collection. It has the support of 48 photographers exhibiting over one hundred works where we can investigate and explore the evolution of photography.

If there is something we like from Hotel Omm it is creativity. Therefore the Hotel Paseo de Gracia wants to invite you personally to this exhibition.

‘Cara a Cara’ shocks us with originality, diversity and innovation. To do this, some of the works are shown for the first time to the audience. The exhibition is produced in order to make an approach to the genre of photography. The most common genre is the studio portrait; however, this exhibition goes further and adds to this genre street photography.

The portrait is one of the genres that stand out in the world of art in general and in photography in particular. The portrait drives us to something very intimate, something of ourselves.  It is about us and the other. The portrait can capture a moment beyond the mere superficiality of time. This is the importance of the exhibition ‘Cara a Cara’.

The exhibition ‘Cara a Cara’ invites you to position yourself in the place of the photographer when facing the model inviting you to be part of such face to face. In this artistic confrontation eyes and body capture all the attention and strength. You will be immersed in a sea full of all kind of looks:  Prying eyes, knowing glances, personal sights.

It is not just a simple photographic journey from the fifties up to nowadays; it is an exploration beyond the limits of the body. From Hotel Omm we want to encourage you not to miss the exhibition ‘Cara a Cara’ in Colectania Foundation.