Carles Casagemas exhibition at the MNAC

Hotel Omm

Casagemas is a unique figure in Catalonian art, with works characterized by a strong social criticism. In addition, Casagemas was an important element in Picasso’s art. In fact, Picasso built one of his most important series since Casagemas suicide with just 20 years.

This is the first solo exhibition of Casagemas, collecting 38 works, 7 oil paintings and drawings the others. The most important works are oils like “El mercado y calle de París” (“The market and street of Paris”), works that Picasso kept all his life and never shown before. This is a thematic exhibition, and also chronological, with documents like letters written by Casagemas, related pictures, reviews and his own poems.

To art lovers, this exhibition is an interesting opportunity to discover this catalonian modernist painter. The exhibition is at the Temporary exhibitions Room of the MNAC, at the bottom of Montjuïc, and costs €4.