Tribute to Carmen Amaya, a Flamenco icon

Art, Barcelona, Music

Amaya was raised in Somorrostro, the neighborhood of shacks of the early XX century at the beach in Barcelona, and she has been one of the most talented and charismatic flamenco dancers (bailaora in Spanish) . Almost a hundred years ago, and in the year that marks the 50th anniversary of her death, the Tablao Cordobés pays tribute to the great dancer in a superb place as the Palau de la Música Catalana, in Barcelona.

The show is divided into three parts: “Far roots”, “Carmen and her time” and “Flamenco bonds from Andalusia”. The major leading roles are played by current Flamenco artists, such as Karime Amaya (her grandnephew), Belén López and José Maya. The show goes over the varied aesthetic done by Amaya, a groundbreaking person in the Flamenco world all her career.

Carmen Amaya will be the star of the Big Flamenco Festival, organized by the Tablao Cordobés. There are only two days to enjoy this show at Palau de la Música: 17th and 31st October. A luxury for flamenco lovers and a wonderful opportunity to remember the great dancer from Barcelona Carmen Amaya in a privileged modernist environment.