Carnival 2017


The Catalan version of the Carnival

Celebrated forty days before Easter Sunday, Carnival or, as they call it in Catalonia, Carnestoltes, symbolizes the beginning of Lent. The 40-day period, traditionally a party of Christian origin based on austerity, is now a popular holiday where everyone dresses in colors and celebrates with friends and family.

This year the fun will start on Thursday lardero and, as every year, on Saturday will take place a big parade on the street, the Great Carnival Rute, which runs through the districts of Barcelona. Finally, the festivities will end the following Wednesday with a traditional ceremony in which the youngest people bury sardines to symbolize the beginning of the fast.

A very important party in Catalonia

Carnival is a time that is lived in a very special way and with great joy in Catalonia. Since it is a tradition deeply rooted and full of customs that have passed from parents to children.

The carnival in Barcelona is a unique experience in which the streets are filled with original floats, various costumes, music and above all, lots of fun. From Hotel Omm, your luxury hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to enjoy as much as possible of your stay in Barcelona and do not miss this special celebration of the City of Barcelona.