Carrer de Sèneca, much more than just a street in Barcelona


Barcelona is full of interesting places, streets and shop windows where design and good taste prevail, something natural in a city so full of art and creativity.

Paseo de Gracia, for example, has always been famous for being one of the most representative avenues for shopping in Europe and one of the most visited for its modernist architecture, such as Casa Batlló, Casa Mila and Casa Amatller, among others. However, today we want to tell you about a street that is also next to our modern design hotel in Paseo de Gracia and you will not find in the traditional travel guides: Carrer de Sèneca, or better known as the “Soho of Gracia”.

Carrer de Séneca, creativity just around the corner

In this small route there are premises dedicated to interior design, fashion, restoration, photography, antiques and books. All these establishments make Carrer de Séneca an ideal place to take a stroll to admire the original details of each store, whether is focus on fashion or design, or perhaps dealing with some antiquarian or charming art gallery.

Plom Gallery, dedicated to contemporary art, and the Miquel Alzueta Gallery, put the artistic touch to this space, together with Còpia, a cutting-edge laboratory specializing in black and white chemical photography and digital printing with 25 years of experience.

Exclusive fashion in Carrer de Séneca

In every street, they cannot miss fashion stores; this small but complete street has two real jewels, the stores “Madre del amor hermoso” and “Lydia Delgado”.

“Madre del amor hermoso” was born in 2005 by the hand of the sisters Laura, Carol and Diana. A store that offers timeless and innovative garments made with high quality fabrics, following unique and exclusive design patterns. Originality, creativity, femininity and quality are its hallmarks of distinction.

Lydia Delgado, the designer of Séneca

On the other hand, Lydia Delgado’s store, located at the beginning of the street, is a space where the joy and visual creativity defines the unique and inimitable essence of the designer.

Store and fashion atelier, this is where the designer gives life to her creations, inspired by her personal qualities: femininity and elegance. In her store, you can also find the clothes of her main collection and her second line Miranda for Lydia, which she shares with her daughter, the influencer Miranda Makaroff. In this second and youthful collection, the creativity of mother and daughter merge to create elegant, avant-garde and stylish clothes.

So if you choose Hotel Omm as your home in Barcelona or your meeting point in the city, take the opportunity to explore beyond the crowded and emblematic avenues, and let yourself be captivated by little more hidden treasures! We are sure that Carrer de Séneca will let you breathless. In addition, you do not need a taxi to get there; this street is just a few minutes’ walk away. Sounds good right? Experience the real Barcelona at Hotel Omm!