Casa Milà fills with music and audiovisual arts this spring

Art, Barcelona, Music

This concert series tries to bring music and audiovisual arts closer to the audience, creating an unique place and reliving the work of Gaudi. The goal is to enjoy a magic evening, when guest artists let flow its creativity.

In spring, this innovative idea comes back with a wide variety of music styles. DeProp puts together new music talents and combines them with audiovisual artists, creating an unique event, where music and video create a very special atmosphere in a perfect place. The result is an unique and ephemeral creation.

DeProp achieves to create something special in such an iconic place as Casa Milà, showing live art. Price is €6 and the starting hour is 20h in the evening.  Sessions are the 4th, 7th and 10th of April and will count with:

  • Friday 4: Joana Serrat & Cinema en curs & Joel i Riki Rojas
  • Monday 7: Narwhal & No-Domain
  • Thursday 10: Oso Leone & Mau Morgó

If you want to enjoy Casa Milà like never before, come to DeProp sessions, we ensure you that for a few hours it will move you to a magic place, rediscovering Gaudi’s work without moving from Barcelona centre. From our five star hotel, Hotel Omm, we encourage you to disconnect from workday opening your mind to an unique experience.