‘Castanyada’ in Barcelona

Hotel Omm

Many years ago, La Castanyada is celebrated as a festival strictly dedicated to the dead. Thus, we can say that the beginning of the celebration was of funerary nature. La Castanyada, symbol of this night, was reserved to enjoy it with family with a lot of respect. By this time it was believed that with each chestnut eaten, a soul would be freed from purgatory.

In Catalonia, autumn always comes dressed as a chestnut seller and fighting the cold with hot chestnuts on the street. From young to the oldest, everyone goes out to the street and the chestnut seller is always there roasting the chestnuts. For those who have not experienced it, it can be difficult to visualize the scene with the chestnut seller roasting chestnuts on the street. For these people we have a description: They are usually old ladies with a headscarf and a long skirt that reaches below the knees. In addition, roasting chestnuts is useful to warm your hands because the cold is beginning to be heartbreaking this time of year.

But that’s not all, Hotel Omm also want to make a personal remark on the night of La Castanyada. The cuisine is an important point this time, not only for the sweet potatoes and chestnuts, there are also panellets. The panellets are also quite historically attached to this night of All Saints. The panellets were used as a funerary offering and it was taken to the graves of the dead. In addition, when one in a family died, panellets were part of the meal it was served.

However, today La Castanyada is celebrated as a party with friends and family to have fun while eating chestnuts and panellets. These panellets will be offered during the breakfast in our restaurant, Roca Moo, from 29 October to 2 November.

So if you are in Barcelona from October 31 to November 1, please live La Castanyada as a true Catalan.