Catalonia MOTO

Art, Barcelona

The exhibition focuses on the Catalan bike and motorcycle from the points of view of industry, society, sport and technology, and it is a tribute to those who in the past and present have allowed Catalonia to become a global reference in this sector.

And it is because Catalonia has made itself a name through the collective successes of the pioneers, the brands of a legendary past and the many sporting successes of young Catalan pilots, who make us all look back with nostalgia and look to the future with greater illusion.

The exhibition is divided into four thematic areas and its aura can be felt from the entrance to the Palau Robert, where they have placed a great showcase for the Catalan trademarks trial bike Bultaco, Ossa and Montesa, an embodiment of the Catalan motorcycling with more than 50 years of history and full of sporting success.

An exhibition in which the users, the clubs, the urban-style and the auxiliary industry reache an importance never seen on other occasions, for the motorcycle industry is not only competition, but there are thousands of users throughout Catalonia who share this passion that fills them with pride. It is partly thanks to them that Barcelona is positioned as the European capital of the bike.

Do not miss this exhibition full of history and littered with good memories, especially sport related, of the Catalan bike and motorcycle; you can visit it until October 25th at the Palau Robert. Your luxury hotel in Barcelona wishes you a pleasant stay, enjoy this beautiful city!