Charming shops in Barcelona

Barcelona, Gastronomy

El Ideal pastry shop. This shop sells pastries since 1919 and, through three generations, has been making their own nougat and other typical Spanish sweets. The pastry shop El Ideal is one of the oldest in Barcelona, although it was remodeled in 1950. In their shop you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a caramelized Catalan cream pastry, their specialty. They also keep old machines to mill the almonds and make glazed sugar, becoming almost a museum. You can find this shop in the number 207 of Gran de Gràcia.

Pa Serra bakery. Pa Serra has been elaborating artisan bread since 1926. Run nowadays by the third generation of bakers, they make breads like the Rei Boig made of spelled and rye, or the Pa dels Cavallers with milled flour mixed with a big amount of sourdough; also, they elaborate pastries. They don’t use GM flours and, if they have to deliver home, they do it in bicycles. This shop is located in the number 31 of the l’Olivera, so if you fancy trying ecologic bread and artisan pastries, don’t hesitate to visit them.

Massana winery. To the good wine lovers, this winery located in the number 1 of the Horta Street will be a discovery that won’t forget. It opened in 1930 y still preserves the walls covered by big barrels. This winery sells more than a thousand liters of bulk wine a week, and it also sells cava, liquors, vermouth and with and black vinegar. Besides, like in every good old winery, they serve complete breakfast, sometimes with grilled meat and calçots. A big discover to all the enthusiastic of the old wineries.

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