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Chefs with Michelin star: gastronomic tapas

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The same concept with an endless list of recipes

Each region has something to contribute to the preparation of a real tapa and this is precisely what has made the basic concept of “tapas” in the bar evolved to become more like an appetizer with Spanish identity; this is the merit of Chef Ferran Adrià.

The diversity of culture, traditions, elements, flavors and aromas of each region have enriched over time the different recipes of tapas, currently there are more than 213 tapas recipes, a taste to the palate.

The haute cuisine experts speak about it

The greatest chefs of our country, some of them awarded with more than one Michelin star, have expressed their respect and preference for this traditional cuisine.

Of course, many of them have contributed their special touch including small modifications to modernize the concept of the Spanish tapa.

Chef Juan Mari Arzak of the Restaurant Arzak in Donostia, recognized with three Michelin stars, has recognized that his favorite tapa is the txistorra with beer and mango, a tapa that its been about three years in the menu of its restaurant.

Dani García, chef of the restaurant that carries his name “Dani García” and BiBo restaurant in Marbella with 2 Michelin stars, opts for the cod tortilla chips made by his mother as a child. The aroma and taste of Andalusia during the Easter.

Jordi Roca, the youngest of the Roca brothers, gastronomic advisers of our restaurant with Michelin star in Barcelona, Roca Moo, chooses as one of his favorites, a good dish of calamares a la romana, an extremely traditional dish but one that never gets old.

In the words of the great Ferran Adrià “Cooking is a language through which we can use to express harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humor, provocation, culture”… now imagine all those sensations in something as small as an appetizer, is what we know as the gastronomic experience of the Spanish tapa.