Children’s activities? Get to know CaixaForum thanks to our Paseo de Gracia hotel

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How important are songs in the lives of your children? Today, our Paseo de Gracia hotel claims the importance of music, in all stages of our lives, from childhood to an old age. Today we invite you to starts encouraging the musical culture of your children through activities organized by CaixaForum Barcelona.

If you have had the opportunity to attend to this social and cultural centre, located in the mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona, ​​you know it is your chance to repeat. Currently, it is considered as one of the areas of reference, if we are talking about science and art. Our Barcelona centre hotel encourages you to take a look at the wide range of proposals from this cultural establishment.

Sakapatú, a trip through the Andean music

Every Saturday of February, apart from having access to the different rooms and exhibits for all ages in CaixaForum, you have in handy, the Sakapatú’s musical approach. The purest representation of music from its roots appears thanks to these artists from Peru, Chile and Argentina. Through ancient and modern instruments, Sakapatú accompany your children on a musical journey, in which they will travel through more than five hundred years of history.

This representation of music, as we were saying, will cover its history since the prehistoric times.  After the drums and rhythms from the Incan empire, the Renaissance takes place, giving birth to folk music. Meanwhile, the classical and ancient history gave way to the African rhythms that came from the slaves in Peru. History and music, a perfect cultural and educational combination for your children, thanks to the artists and children’s entertainers Sakapatú.

If you like the idea of your children learning, in a fun and active way, you have an appointment every Saturday of February in CaixaForum.  Your Paseo de Gracia hotel, recommends to starts enhancing and developing the sensitivity of your children, through musical activities.

A melody is everywhere: in any gesture, voice and speech. It is vitally important that your children grow up and experience, from an early age, their musical sense to enhance an emotional development. Where and how? In the activities organized in CaixaForum. Don’t miss it!