Christmas in Barcelona

Hotel Omm

It is a familiar tradition fermented years ago and today we can enjoy it with our loved ones.

Hotel Omm explains some of the essential features of the Christmas tradition in Barcelona. Among the most representative: the Caga Tio, the figure of caganer in the Christmas cribs and the Grossa de Nadal.

Caga Tió

The presence of the Caga tió in Catalan houses has become a recognized tradition.
Formerly, the Caga tió was only a trunk that stood in the middle of the room, into the fire for light and heat. These gifts were given families in this cold season.

Currently the function is the same, to offer gifts to the family. The Caga tió ceremony is a ritual: Families are situated near the trunk, as they sing carols and hit the Tió. As a result, Christmas presents appeared for everyone.


The nougat is the most typical and traditional Christmas dessert. History tells that rich people chose this dessert in special dates.

Some researchers wanted to place the nougat as an original Arabian product; however, tradition presents it as a typical product of Catalonia from many years ago.

The best nougats are part of Christmas tables to become an own Catalonian tradition.

La Grossa de Nadal

Grossa de Nadal is an extraordinary draw, which takes place from about two centuries ago. At the beginning of this draw, the numbers were printed on paper, and the children of San Ildefonso were responsible for spreading the illusion to the houses.
Today, the draw is made on 22 December. San Ildefonso children sing the winning combinations. Every year, Catalan families wait for la Grossa de Nadal hopeful to have the winning ticket of 3 million euros.

As always, from Hotel Omm we like to keep you informed about cultural aspects in Barcelona. If this Christmas you are in town, do not hesitate to experience these Christmas days as an authentic Catalan.