City to City Award in Disseny Hub Barcelona

Hotel Omm

This year, to present the City to City Barcelona project, the Design Hub in a single exhibition includes urban projects of the previous 5 editions. ‘City in the Hands’ will be available until January 30.

City to City Barcelona FAD Award

From the first edition, City to City Award appears as a social project through proposals of urban improvement in the quality of life of citizenship. Thus, the FAD wants to give visibility to the city as a place of social change and show how it evolves or degenerates consequently and its impact on the living conditions of its citizens.

All those art projects that advocate a change in the quality of life, with clear benefits for the people, and at the same time, bet on the fact create a ‘spirit of the city “are presented. Thus, the works represent substantial improvements with urban impact to sensitize the community a sense of belonging to a kind of common community.

Therefore, City to City Award appears as a challenge to current urban areas, and aims to achieve a social commitment from people with the environment.

‘City in the hands’ in the Design Hub

‘City in the hands’ is an exhibition that began on November 30, 2015 with the aim of publicizing the social work done with City to City Award. After 7 years and 5 editions carried out, Disseny Hub is consolidated as the ideal venue for this proposal of social change.

This year, City to City Barcelona FAD Award organizes this exhibition in collaboration with the cooperative LaCol architects. On this occasion, all the winners of the previous five editions will be presented. This year’s award wants to become an act committed with the city as a social organ.

Hotel Omm, Barcelona 5-star hotel, recommends the exposition ‘the city in the hands’ as social and urban engagement.