The classics of the ballet come back to Barcelona

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If we think of ballet, the works always come to mind are Swan Lake and Giselle. If you don’t want to lose them, you have your chance from 2 to 14 August at the Teatre Tívoli by the hand of the Moscow Ballet.

The Moscow Ballet is one of the most prestigious ballet companies, year after year, on its tours leave gaping whole theaters. It originated in 1989, when the soloist dancer Timur Fayziev, the current director, founded the company in order to spread his passion for ballet and give professional continuity to students in his academy.

One more year, the company returns to Barcelona to play two great ballet classics of all times, Swan Lake and Giselle, two great works of Tchaikovsky.

This time we have the protagonists Cristina Terentiev and Anatoly Ustimov, who accompanied by a dance troupe made up of the best dancers in Russian schools, will perform Swan Lake from 2 to 7 August and Giselle from 10 to 14 August .

Two Great Works

Swan Lake, considered the most famous works of classical ballet tells the story of two lovers, Siegfried and Odette, although is under the spell of a witch, fight for love in a magical world that you will transport each one of its steps.

On the other hand, it is another great classic Giselle, which tells the story of young Giselle dies after a heartbreak but still struggles to protect his beloved of queen of the Willis.

Make them with your entry to enjoy these two classic ballet during your stay in hotel Omm, your hotel in Paseo de Gracia.