Cocktails at Hotel Omm!

Hotel Omm


Preparing a good cocktail is not so obvious. And finding a place where they meet your expectations and in a pleasant atmosphere, is even more complicated… But at Hotel Omm we have the solution! Ciscu is our expert cocktail maker, with years of experience behind him and an exceptional talent to prepare exactly what you were looking for. From the lobby of Hotel Omm, he reveals some of his tricks and secrets.

You have a house cocktail, the Omm. What is it that inspired it?

We wanted to create a cocktail that was refreshing, with a citric touch, brightly coloured and dynamic so that it reflected the summer breezes, the music, the laughter… and inspired by the unique personality of Rosa Esteva, the owner of the hotel.

What’s the secret to a good cocktail?

It’s all about understanding perfectly what the customer wants and about carrying out with the exact precision and measurement so that the mix, the texture, the temperature and the taste are even better than what was expected or imagined.

What are the 5 most popular cocktails of the hotel?

The Ginger Martini, made with Gin G’vine, natural ginger, lime juice and syrup, is probably our clients’ favourite, along with the Moscow mule, made with vodka, lime juice and ginger beer. Others that come out a lot are the Elderflower Mojito, the Psico Sour and the Oxley Gin Tonic.

How long have you been working at Hotel Omm?

I have been part of the Tragaluz family for 8 years now and it is still an exciting journey.

Which cocktail is your favourite? Why?

It depends on the time of the day… A refreshing Spiral Spritz at the hotel’s terrace, enjoying the live music, or an Espresso Martini to end a good dinner, for instance.

An anecdote hidden behind some other cocktail…

An anecdote? Just one? Come and we can edit an entire book!

Why choose Hotel Omm for a drink?

Because of the space, the design, the quality, to get to know its gastronomic offer, for the diversity of people, those that are from Barcelona and those that are discovering the city… And because of the team. Every day we work hard to make you feel at home.