Concert of Morrissey in Barcelona

Barcelona, Music

Last July, Morrissey launched the album ‘World Peace Is None of Your Business’, which is his tenth album solo. His work has been praised in almost all the reviews, so his fans can be happy for the last 5 years without any new LP. Singles such as Istanbul have become classics of the repertoire of the Macunian musician.

Steven Patrick Morrissey became famous for his work as the lead vocalist for The Smiths in the 80s. The band is an icon of alternative rock music and it could be said that they built the indie music that has millions of fans over the day now. Because of that, we can talk about Morrissey as one of the most important figures in the current independent music scene, and each record release is a big event.

In 2013, Morrissey released his autobiography explaining his childhood, his beginnings in music, the success with The Smiths and his solo career. Launched by ‘Pinguin Classic’, it has sold more than 110,000 copies and it was 5 weeks as the number 1 in the UK.

Therefore, you cannot miss Morrissey concert in Barcelona next October 10th. He will play his emblematic songs, both from his solo career and ‘The Smiths’ repertory, composed by himself and Johny Marr. The opportunity to see Morrissey in Barcelona is a luxury, so, from Hotel Omm, we recommend you don’t miss this concert.