Concert of San Esteban

Barcelona, Music

Tradition and joy

In 2013 the centenary of the concert of San Esteban was celebrated in the Palau de la Música Catalana, an event that now is part of the history of the Catalan Christmas tradition. This concert has become the Christmas soundtrack of Barcelona thanks to the magic musical moments that gives the public whom year after year meets in this essential meeting of the cultural agenda of the Ciudad Condal.

The protagonists of this show are always the numerous choirs that interpret the most endearing musical pieces, among the choirs that will be presented this year are Palau’s own formations such as Cor Petits directed by Mercè Pi, Cor Mitjans directed by Glòria Fernandez, Cor Infantil directed by Glòria Coma and Pedrals, the Cor of Noias directed by Buia Reixach i Feixes, Cor Jove de l’Orfeoó Català directed by Esteve Nabona and the Cor de Cambra of the Palau de la Música and Orfeó Català, both directed by Simon Halsey.

Reason had the Catalan poet Joan Maragall, who described the Palau as the “House of Songs” and with this show in which some of the best voices of the city participate, he is honored to his words.

From our luxury hotel in Barcelona we invite you to enjoy this traditional concert that is already part of the Christmas culture of Barcelona, a date that you can not miss next December 26 at 19:00 at the Palau de la Música If you want to live the true Barcelona Christmas.