Copa del Rey final

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FC Barcelona got their first triplet in 2009 with Pep Guardiola in his first year as a coach of the Barça team and, six years later, they want to give that joy to their fans back, getting the three cups again. They have already won the Spanish league, and in a few days we will be able to see if they conquer the Copa del Rey, standing one step closer to their dream.

Luis Enrique’s team is clear favorite against Athletic Bilbao and even Daniel Ruiz Bazán, the last Athletic captain that won the Copa del Rey, said that “it is very difficult because Barça is on fire”. He also commented that the mood of the Athletic club is nowhere close to where it was in 1984 when they beat Barça in the Bernabeu.

For this final, 90% of the tickets were sold in less than two days and today, finding a ticket is almost a miracle. 50% of the stadium will be filled with Barça fans and the other half will be Athletic, which promises an atmosphere of total dedication and exuberance; who would want to miss that? Certainly none of the fans that are already dreaming with the second triplet.

Don’t miss this exciting final May 30th at 9.30pm in which both teams will give everything to achieve their goals: redeeming themselves in front of the winner of the league for Athletic and being one step closer to the triplet for Barça. Hotel Omm, luxury hotel in Paseo de Gràcia, won’t lose detail of what promises to be a tachycardia game.