Dalí, master of metamorphosis

Hotel Omm

In this distinguished occasion the Mayoral Gallery, located in the heart of Barcelona: in the Eixample, has decided to acknowledge the career of a whole genius of the contemporary world. To do this, the exhibition ‘Dalí, master of metamorphosis’ presents a collection of works that will make us travel through the pictorial and personal evolution of this artistic icon.

Dali had an active and alternative mind, always exposed to challenge the convention of his time, with the ability to predict and forward in time trends that are part of the fashion and art world nowadays. Of all his works, we can highlight both the thematic diversity as its dreamlike vision. Therefore, it is in his works that we find critics to society, songs to oneself and declarations of love to his beloved Gala. All the details are treated with an astonishing precision: Dalí captures images in his works as drawn out from our own dreams.
With this very personal and innovative style, Dalí gave free rein to his imagination without being enclosed in pictorial trends or styles of any kind. Because of this artistic liberation fruit of desire and fear, reality and imagination, we do not only find paintings in the exhibition. Instead, this journey through nearly every stage of his life comes to us without a specific format: We can find his masterpiece entitled ‘Anatomies’ 1937 and watercolors, paintings, drawings, sculptures and collages.

In addition, the Mayoral Gallery witnesses the work of Salvador Dalí in the world of fashion. He focused on swimwear and sportswear designs, especially of tennis. Although such designs never came out, ‘Dalí, master of metamorphosis’ will make you part of such a genius manner.

Hotel Omm invites you to witness the master’s life through the metamorphosis of his works. Under the claim “everything changes nothing stays” we witness the continuous alteration of reality and a hungry imagination that kept inside fears and desires. He also challenged clichés of the time for being ahead of his time. ‘Dalí, master of metamorphosis’ is a journey through the life of the artist from Figueres that you cannot miss.