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David Bowie is

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The Chameleon of Rock

Starman, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, Aladdin Sane; this are just some of the other names adopted by David Robert Jones, known worldwide as David Bowie, which was his stage name during his almost 52 years of artistic career, years in which he published 25 studio albums. Blackstar was his last piece of work, a legacy album with which David Bowie said goodbye to this world on January 10 of 2016 when he died of liver cancer, leaving a notable void in the world of music and millions of fans in duel.

Multifaceted from the start

The exhibition runs through the artist’s creative process from his earliest beginnings in music until he reached stardom in 1969 with his single “Space Oddity” which reached the Top 5 of the British singles chart. It was during the 70’s, at the height of glam rock, when Bowie consecrate as one of the most creative and innovative musicians in history thanks to his androgynous look and extravagant staging.

The exhibition gathers more than 300 articles that belonged to the artist, including 60 of his most emblematic costumes, instruments, scores, photographs, manuscripts of songs and album covers. Without doubt, it is a display of elements that perfectly projects the multidisciplinary and creative essence of David Bowie, who was closely linked to the world of design, fashion and freedom of expression through all these artistic elements.

From our design hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to visit this innovative exhibition already visited by more than one and a half million people in the 8 cities in the world where it has been presented. This makes it the most visited exhibition in the 164 years of history of the British Museum, something totally worthy for an artist like David Bowie.