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De Natvræ, Art and Nature

Art, Barcelona

From February 17 until April 13, the SETBA Foundation will have a collective exhibition of artists who find inspiration in the different elements of nature in order to create their artistic works.

Art and Nature

For many years art has served as inspiration for the works of many artists; The different natural elements take center stage in the artistic vision of many painters, sculptors, poets and writers. From natural landscapes, textures, colors, seasons, shapes, sizes, flora and fauna, everything takes an essential part in the evolutionary journey of those who are dedicated to transform common elements into art pieces.

In classical Greece and Rome art imitated faithfully all nature; During the times of Baroque art dead nature was the favorite theme; In the years of Romanticism emphasis was placed on the sublime character of natural landscapes and with Impressionism the changing and influential effect of light was analyzed.

Then during the seventies nature stoped being a content or thematic of weight in the art and happened to become a field of action giving way to Land Art.

Natvræ, the exhibition

In the exhibition De Natvræ we can see the fluid dialogue between the artist and nature, being the main objective the capacity to explore new ways of presenting artistic praxis and demonstrating the close relationship with the natural environment. In the words of the primatologist Jordi Sabater Pi: “In order to draw you must observe, if you observe then you know, if you know then you love, if you love the you protect”

Curated by Raquel Medina and Cristina Sampere, in De Natvræ we can see works by Cristina Almodóvar, María Espeus Adrián Espinós, Malgosia Jankowski, María Reyes Olloqui, Santiago Vélez and Susana Pesas.

If you are a lover of art and works inspired by the majesty of nature, from our luxury hotel in Barcelona we invite you to enjoy this exhibition that investigates the relationship between the artist and mother nature, from February 17 to the April 13 at the SETBA Foundation.