Deep Sky the furthest space

Hotel Omm

Cosmocaixa and Deep Sky

This fall and following winter, Cosmocaixa opens the new season introducing us to the universe that exists behind the sky we see when we raise our eyes to heaven. The planetarium has a projection scoop, Deep Sky, a film about the structure of the universe.

Have you ever pondered about what lies beyond those bright stars that light up the night? Imagine that you have the power to delve into the dark mantle covering the sky at night, what do you think it is hidden behind? Perhaps the day, maybe nothing, maybe a physical measure of time. To get the true answer, Cosmocaixa presents this projection about what lies beyond the mantle that covers our black night.

In recent years, Astronomy has become an accomplice of man to publicize everything that the human eye fails to appreciate. Thanks to the observatories and telescopes, we have clear images of unknown forms, stars we do not guess and planets to which we had not dared to attach an image. These astronomical objects have equipped our imagination with shapes, colours and reality. Technological advances grant a representation of the real and increasingly modernized world. There is a lot of research hidden behind these images of discovery. This is what Cosmocaixa collects in the projection Deep Sky, the furthest space. Thus, man becomes familiar with the universal matter beyond Earth.

Discover space with Deep Sky

Since the finding of the first planet, the universe is a source of continuous discoveries: We managed to find planets similar to our Earth and others whose characteristics invite us to a completely new world.

The Cosmocaixa Planetarium begins the new season with this program to take us on a journey through the universe. From your seat, you will discover planets orbiting in space and you will learn how astronomers detect the stars. You are going to enjoy a spectacular new experience to know the structure of the universe.

Who does not want to travel through space? Cosmocaixa Deep Sky offers you the opportunity to learn about the universe in a more profound way. Hotel Omm encourages you to discover the furthest space!