Discover what happens behind a catwalk

Barcelona, Photography

A catwalk is the product from hard work during many months. It last just a few minutes, and in this short space of time, it tries to make an impact on the audience. Lights, models, clothes; everything is art and they surprise us briefly. But, what happens behind a catwalk? There are few privileged people with backstage access and who know what really happens.

For this reason, Loewe’s Gallery at Passeig de Gracia 91 offers to us what happen behind a catwalk thanks to Anna Bauer. This German photographer has achieved to capture, in a very natural way, the backstage routine. The resulting photo collection is unique and intimate.

In this exhibition, we will find the work of ten fashion seasons, from 2007 to 2012, in the most important world fashion capitals. We will see lots of famous faces, from international models to iconic designers. With a Polaroid camera, Anna Bauer brings us what most people can’t live in a catwalk.

The exhibition collects the final work of this photographer, summarised in her book, called Backstage and published by Angelica Taschen. Without a doubt, from our five-star hotel, Hotel Omm, we encourage you to visit this exhibition. We ensure you that it will surprise you to see all these known faces and how the artist capture the nerves, the stress and the pressure lived behind a catwalk in a very natural way.