Discovering Roca Moo’s dishes: Mandala


In our gastronomic restaurant Roca Moo, each dish hides an entire world. Each one has its own story inspired by tradition and influences from all over the globe, achieving those unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else. Nothing is left to chance and today, we want to start revealing what lies behind some of the most special. Starting with one that is not only a festival of colors and aromas, but also of flavors and meanings: the Mandala, which you can enjoy with the Joan Roca Tasting Menu.

It all started in Italy, where our chef Rafa Panatieri savored for the first time a surprising orange salad. Exploring its origins, he discovered that it was a genuine Andalusian recipe and thus, back home, from the kitchen of the Roca Moo it was interpreted in a completely new gastronomic language. The traditional recipe has onion, orange, olive oil and almond. In the Mandala these ingredients become tears of grapefruit and orange, tanned zucchini, an “ajoblanco” made only with almonds (yes, that is without garlic or “ajo”), citrus touches, Kalamata olives, local wildflowers from Catalonia…

And all of these ingredients take on an amazing, harmonious and more than beautiful shape. The presentation is, in fact, what gives the plate its name. A Mandala is a symbolic representation that is used in Hinduism and Buddhism to define the cosmos, a “whole” in which all aspects of life are concentrated, meaning balance, relationships, the search for peace… Basically, the entire universe breaths in the Mandala. Just like in every Roca Moo dish lies an entire world with its history and reason.

The result? A very fresh salad in which all flavors and aromas are mixed in an explosive way, but gentle at the same time, with an exotic touch equally rooted in tradition. And a fascinating first dish to start the tasting that follows within the Joan Roca Menu, which has ten mains and two desserts… Come and try it!

Because the Roca Moo, with a Michelin star and the gastronomic advice of the Roca brothers from El Celler de Can Roca, is always a surprising and unforgettable experience for the palate. And it is always full of stories and anecdotes! It offers two tasting menus with option to pairing wines  -The Classics Menu and Joan Roca Menu -and the seasonal Moo Menu for working lunchtimes at an irresistible price, € 49. Book your table here or call + 34 93 445 40 15. We look forward to welcoming you!