El Born at night: tour and tapas


In the first one, you will discover the commercial past of the area. The exhibition shows which were the trades in the Barcelona of 1700, how people did their work, their clothes, etc. The most popular workers in the Born neighborhood were brandy traders and cod importers.

In the second night tour along Born Centre Cultural, you will discover leisures from that time. Games, sports, dances and music were very important in Barcelona. Through this tour you will learn about a precedent of tennis or gambling, and also the most popular festivals, which showed people’s sense of community at that time.

In the third one, the archaeological site will show you the legacy of the people that lived in Barcelona in the 17th and 18th centuries. With this visit, ‘A night in the Born city’, you will walk through the streets and you will see, very close, the houses of a site that lived the last events of the Spanish Succession War in 1714.