El Gusto Es Nuestro: the music of life arrives to Barcelona

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20 years ago, Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belén, Miguel Ríos y Víctor Manuel decided to start a tour who took them together for over 33 cities where more than 500.000 people would watch them act.

Each one went their way, developing projects, collaborations and releasing albums and if anything they have in common is that none of them fell into oblivion, what with this time is not easy.

And now, 20 years later, they have decided to come together to remember with their viewers, what was that tour and their successes since then. For that generation became an unforgettable memory that younger can only imagine.

Music of our memories

There are songs that are part of our history. We all have in our minds the lyrics of “Mediterranean”, “Lucia”, “Puerta de Alcala” or “Piano Man”. Whether you were in one of the concerts of 20 years ago or not, you cannot miss the opportunity of these four artists together on stage again.

Buy your tickets and enjoy the concert that marked a generation and certainly will excite more than one.

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