El Mercat de les Flors

Hotel Omm

The Mercat de les Flors is known as the home of dance, where the body becomes the ultimate expression of human beings through the music. The body is the beginning and the end, the cycles, the body is the move, and the representation of life is dance. At this point the Mercat de les Flors has been recognized on the international scene as House of Dance which has contributed in development and large-scale recognition of artists and management training.

The luxury hotel Paseo de Gracia would like to announce that the Mercat de les Flors opens a new season breaking beyond the limits. The objective is clear: To give visibility to the values that lurk beyond dance, as hope and confidence in the project, the social and educational commitment to the culture that is supported by public institutions.

The new schedule has promising proposals aimed at obtaining greater social recognition of the educational activity is dance. Programming associated artists by showing their relationship and complicity last stage projects are presented. In addition, this new project Mercat de les Flors proposes an international program that is supported by renowned artists. New talents will also have their opportunity in this new format such as cycles and festivals. The Mercat de les Flors trust the promises of the new world of dance.

All these proposals are backed by programming based on this House of Dance, the educational commitment of dance culture. In that aspect it is where more work is the Mercat de les Flors: Many times you do not get to see all the work behind the world of dance. The dance is a means of communication to convey the educational, social, civic and cultural values. The Mercat de les Flors opens our eyes to the reality of social commitment that is behind the dance.

Therefore, Omm Hotel in Paseo de Gracia suggests you to bet for dance. From October and over the next year, you cannot miss this cultural commitment to the Mercat de les Flors presents you through the art of dance.