Enjoy the magical night of Sant Joan in Barcelona


Sun and heat have already installed in the city, and the first fireworks have been heard as well. Sant Joan is just around the corner and we propose you what to do in Barcelona during that night.

Official events begin on Monday 23rd evening, when Canigó’s flame arrives to Sant Jaume square. From there, it is carried around the districts to light the bonfires of Sant Joan, most important element for that special night. At night, Barcelona is full of bonfires, petards and fireworks.

Besides the fire, all the parties are another important thing of this celebration of Summer Solstice. Most friends and families, meet all together at their places to organize what is called ‘berbena’ in Catalan, a kind of open-air dance where people eat “coca of Sant Joan”, a special sweet cake typical of this holiday. Parties are also very common on the beach. It should be noticed that the beaches are very crowded and will be closed at 6am in the morning of June 24 for cleaning.

Bars and night clubs of the city organized special parties to celebrate St. John’s Eve, also known as Night of Fire. At Hotel Omm, our luxury hotel in Barcelona, you can enjoy this magical evening. From our terrace you can have spectaculars views of the fireworks that will be burned around the city at night of June 23.