Do not miss the eShow 2016! It is a recommendation from your Barcelona luxury hotel

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More than 120 exhibitors, experts in digital and marketing strategy, have an appointment at the e-Show, the International Congress & Exhibition of E-Commerce, Digital Advertising, Hosting & Cloud and Social Networking. If you decide to go, as an assistant, you will enjoy permanent exhibitions of real experts in digital technology for the development of small, medium and large companies. The event will take place at the fairgrounds of the Fira de Barcelona, ​​near Plaza Espanya. Where can you stay? Of course in Hotel Omm, our Barcelona luxury hotel.

Why should you go to the e-Show?

We live in a historical moment in which communication has changed completely. Thanks to the emergence of social networks, our messages can reach several places at once. Companies use these tools and adapt to an environment that increasingly is more competitive, using these new forms of communication such as strategies and new business models. Social Media help us make decisions about our company and to improve its profitability.

Although many already know the rise of the Internet and New Technologies, have you implemented these new communication models to your business? In this e-Show, you will find all the news and information you will need to adapt yourselves to a new business model that is here to stay.

It is a fact, technology is the new methodology to reach large audiences, even our Barcelona luxury hotel uses it, the reason is that we want you to be aware of all the news and events we offer throughout the year. However, all this information must be translated to data, in the last year, 17% of customers have used social networks as a channel to address the Customer service. On the other hand, 80% of users of Social Media brands prefer contacting through Facebook. You must know that the digitalization process does not retreat, but grows bigger every day.

From this process, businesses and companies build brands based on web pages, which are the primary means, from which consumers are informed about the products offered. What benefits come from of technology? The importance of measuring and analysing the results of campaigns and digital strategies to achieve the objectives and maximize profitability.

In short, if you have a company or, like us, you see possibilities and new perspectives on the challenges of new business models. Do not miss this year’s e-Show! You can assist as a visitor and you will not be alone! The event will be attended visitors from USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Inform yourself, achieve knowledge and assimilate new business models that have emerged following the increase of the Internet and social networks.