Exhibition “El Peso de un Gesto” from Julião Sarmiento at CaixaForum


Today, your Barcelona 5 star hotel offers you the possibility of immersing yourself into a world where reality gives way to subjective perceptions that will depend, in any case, on the eyes of the receiver. Do not miss Sarmento’s works and his speculations about possible realities thanks to its references to architecture, literature, cinema and contemporary art.

Julião Sarmento. Life and work.

Lisbon. 1948. The artist spent his youth marked by the Carnation Revolution and a dictatorship that subsequently led to an artistic and cultural explosion in Portugal. Sarmento, meanwhile, has identified himself as those artists, who emerged after the crackdown, asserting their ideas and transmitting them to the world.

Painter? Sculptor? Architect? Julião Sarmento is none of those things; he identifies himself as a versatile artist, able to convey ideas through any media. From his point of view, what matters are the concepts or perspectives and not the way they are transmitted to an audience. Because of this reason, in his artistic career, we can find paintings, videos, collages, sculptures, photomontages, even some modelling work from a 3D printer. In short, for the Portuguese, the path is just the way to get the message.

Our Barcelona design hotel, ​​invites you to start a tour through the author’s work. In his artistic career, we can find various styles and perceptions; however, a constant prevails: women’s body, sensuality and eroticism. Nevertheless, the artist has identified himself with a post-surrealist style that aims to transmit an enigmatic aspect of reality, while playing with the viewer’s perception.

Exhibition “El Peso de un Gesto”

Your Barcelona 5 star hotel does not want you to miss an exhibition, where the surrealist style adapts to the contemporary times. Following the proposal of CaixaForum, the artist conveys his vision of the works from the Fundació “la Caixa”, MACBA and the CAM from the Fundacao Gulbenkian institutions. Its main inspiration lies in the fact transmitting the human body, however, the result will always depend on the eye of the receiver.

His paintings, inspired by geometry and shapes, reminiscent of the old pure surrealism. In short, we face a claim of mystery, enigma and the ability of building our own story, by our personal perception towards each of his works. Do not miss the opportunity of being an artist for a day and start creating your own view of art, through the works of Julião Sarmento.