Exhibition Gelatina Dura

Art, Barcelona, Photography

A different look to the past

This exhibition reflects on the early years after the end of the dictatorship and the gradual transition to democracy through a parliamentary monarchy, led by politicians from the previous system. The price we had to pay today remains difficult and even annoying to some sectors.

During these years most political parties used as a measure culture mediation great potential to continue advocating for the speedy establishment of democracy. The culture was used as a celebrative and festive event to give the image of a country of active, dynamic youth and fashion, that is, a country with a vision of the future that had overcome one of the darkest periods of its history.

Barcelona now mean for the urban transformation of the city thanks to its proclamation to host the 1992 Olympics and the idea of the creation of the consortium formed by the City Council, the Generalitat and the MACBA Foundation was recovered.

Archivos de historia

This exhibition Gelatina Dura will see films, documentaries, TV shows, magazines opinion, comics and art, combining the aesthetic, social and political, to try to convey to visitors the stories of such an important moment our recent history of Spain and its own today.

If you want to know from a more realistic perspective this time so decisive in the history of Spain and how it was affected Barcelona during this transition process from our luxury hotel in Barcelona we invite you to visit the MACBA in the Pla├ža del Angels 1 because to know a city you also have to know a little of its history.