Exhibition by Giorgio de Chirico at CaixaForum

Art, Barcelona

This fall, CaixaForum surprises us with the universe of Giorgio de Chirico, an Italian painter born in Greece especially known for having founded the artistic movement “scuola metafisica” in the twentieth century. You can visit it specifically in Casa Ramona of CaixaForum, an old factory located in Montjuic, near the Olympic complex, and converted into one of the most important art centers in Barcelona.

The exhibition “El Mundo de Giorgio de Chirico” includes paintings, sculptures and drawings, more than a hundred works by the artist dating from 1913 to 1976. It is an itinerant exhibition, which will later travel to Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Zaragoza.

The world of Giorgio De Chirico

The exhibition invites you to travel through the entire artistic career of this Italian painter with a selection of works that illustrate all the periods he went through, from portraits, self-portraits, Italian plazas and mannequins.

Giorgio de Chirico was a passionate artist who dedicated every second of his life to painting. As an example of this, we can talk about his last days. He was ninety years old and had an untiring desire to paint. Even in the hospital bed where he was, he continued to paint and paint, expanding his work.

Once in CaixaForum and immersed in his universe you will find silent architectures and squares, humanized mannequins, mythological characters, lifeless nature and the decontextualizing objects in landscapes that introduce you to an atmosphere of uncertainty.

The whole trajectory of Giorgio is characterized by an insatiable search that adopted different forms of expression, which later would shape as a creative exercise in painting, sculpture and drawing. We can classify his artistic activity into four types of art:

Metaphysical art

Classical art

Iconographic art

Neometaphysical art

Barcelona is culture

In addition to this exhibition, the city offers other interesting exhibitions, workshops and other cultural activities that reflect part of the true wealth of this city, its culture.

In fact, the city itself is culture. Taking a stroll through the streets of Barcelona, it unfolds and reveals to its visitors its history, its relationship with modernism and the works of art that so many artists left in its streets, buildings, squares and other corners.

Throughout the year, the cultural agenda of Barcelona offers multiple exhibitions and activities for all tastes; art, design, music, dance, photography, theater, folklore, crafts, history and much more.

It is difficult to find yourself without some cultural activity or exhibition to visit in Barcelona.  A diverse and multicultural city where so many artists found the inspiration for the subsequent creation of their work.

From Hotel Omm we advise you to take the opportunity of exploring this wonderful city. Take advantage and enjoy everything Barcelona has to offer in your next visit. Immerse yourself in the art and culture of Barcelona by staying in a comfortable luxury hotel! What are you waiting for?