DelicARTessen, exhibition of small format art


The exhibition DelicARTessen returns to the Esther Montoriol Gallery, located a few meters from our luxury hotel. A very characteristic exhibition that aims to bring to all attendees the best works of contemporary art from small to medium format.

Much more than small-sized art

This two-month art exhibition in Barcelona will end on January 19 and here you will find 600 pieces made by 84 international artists that will allow you to get closer to their world of inspiration.

Some of the works that you can find in the gallery during the period of the exhibition are from artist like Sophie Aguilera, Oriol Arisa, Nuno Carvalho, Pablo L. Martinez, Jordi Armengol, Núria Torres, Jaume Roure, Yifat Gat, Mònica Subidé, and others.

If we have to highlight a differentiating attribute of this exhibition, it would be its polyvalent nature, since it covers many different genres and artistic techniques.

If we approach number 399 in Diputación Street, where the gallery is located, we can see all kinds of expressions and artistic forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, sculptural assembly, photography, installation, ceramics and audiovisual pieces.

All these artists of international character have the peculiarity in common that they have or have had a workshop in Catalonia. Although a priori may be unimportant, one of the highlights is that all these artists are a true reflection of what culturally and in the form of a work of art is happening in Barcelona.

Moreover, if what you are looking for is spending a weekend at a spa hotel in Barcelona and visit art galleries in which to buy contemporary pieces… DelicARTessen is what you are looking for.

Let yourself be carried away by the charm of the Barcelonan City in the winter months, take long walks at dusk, book at some Asian restaurant in the city such as The Japanese and enjoy some of the most exclusive Spacioom treatments, it’s a good plan for the weekend, don’t you think?