Exhibitions in Barcelona autumn-winter

Hotel Omm


In this case museums and art centers open the fall season with new proposals of all kinds: from exhibitions devoted specifically to photography, important literary figures, paintings of impressionist art.

First, due to the proximity of dates, Gil de Biedma becomes the first choice for lovers of literature. Gil de Biedma is known because of his works, and in this case the testimony of the companions of his life will become the ideal complement to discover who was this literary figure, with a quite peculiar personal vision.

Fans of Impressionist painting are lucky as the Mapfre Foundation brings funds of the Orsay Museum to the city. As a result, the exhibition ‘the triumph of color’ provides us with a unique pictorial experience with classics like Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Monet. Who would lose this?

In the same artistic line, the Joan Miró Foundation presents ‘Miró i l’objecte’ a representation that shows the relationship between the object and the work for the first time. This exhibition shows the transformation of the concept of art in the twentieth century and the role of Miró in such transformation.

For what concerns the world of photography, we are thrilled to announce the appointment with the artist Xavier Miserachs this fall. The Museum of Design in Barcelona presents a century of fashion in photography showing how photography has contributed to the spread of the twentieth century fashion.

As announced Colectania director, Pepe Font de Mora, ‘Cara a Cara’ is an exhibition that “reminds us of something very close to us, us and the others.”

And as one would expect, technology has also its place in this cultural season. ‘+ Humans’ asks us about the concept of human being and makes us explore ways of future in an ethical and technologically engaged environment.

So if you come to visit the city you are in luck because Barcelona welcomes you with the wider cultural opportunity. Do not wonder anymore, art is the answer to an own culture and Omm Hotel invites you to great moments at the cultural level.