Fan Ho invites you to a tapa with your ticket to Lychee!

Festival, Gastronomy

Lychee Film Festival, the first international Chinese film festival, will take place in Barcelona from 15 to 22 September in Barcelona. During those days, come to have lunch or dinner at Fan Ho Asian restaurant and enjoy a free tapa with your Lychee entrance! This initiative is part of the collaboration of Grupo Tragaluz with the organization of the festival, an ambitious project born with the objective of spreading the Chinese film industry among the Western audience. Thus, the festival fits perfectly with the philosophy of Grupo Tragaluz, embracing travel and foreign cultures.

The Fan Ho oriental restaurant is the new bet of Grupo Tragaluz for an Asian cuisine with influences that come from Tibet, Mongolia and especially China. In fact, the menu offers a selection of dishes that the owners of the group discovered during a trip to this country of ancient culture, although slightly adapted to the Western palate. Handmade dim sums (classic oriental dumplings), woks of all kinds, fish and meat prepared following Asian authentic recipes…

Actually, even the name of the restaurant is an emotional allusion to Chinese culture. Fan Ho, also known as the “Grand Master” and the Asian Cartier-Bresson, was a famous Chinese photographer whose work fascinated Tomás Tarruella, co-founder of Grupo Tragaluz together with Rosa Esteva. Fan Ho passed away last year and this is our small tribute to his legacy, characterized by his devotion to revealing the rhythm of city life with its streets and alleys, markets and docks.

In this way, with a kitchen team led by chef Sufen Shi and the concept of Marcelino Jiménez, Grupo Tragaluz gathers the legacy of its Chinese restaurant la Xina, nowadays Bar Lobo. And it does so in the space that used to belong to Cornelia restaurant, in the heart of the Eixample.

So… Would you like to travel to China without having to buy a plane ticket? Explore one of the richest cultures and traditions of the world through its cuisine and best films? Come to Lychee Film Festival and don’t forget to keep your ticket! Bring it to Fan Ho, located just ten minutes walking distance from our hotel in Paseo de Gracia, and enjoy a cortesy tapa with your meal… 你好(Ni hao)!