Festa Major de Gràcia 2018


Barcelona is preparing for one of the most important urban festivities in its summer agenda, those of the Gracia neighbourhood. An iconic event in the city that represents the Catalan tradition and that is held very close to Hotel Omm. From the 15th to the 21st of August, the streets of Gracia fill with joy, colours and fantasies to celebrate their biggest festival.

Let the festivities begin!

This is the most important festivity of the Vila de Gràcia, one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Barcelona for its charm, its gastronomic offer and its cultural richness. Each year its streets are dressed in colourful recycled materials that neighbours make to create impressive scenarios, figures and small fantasy worlds.

The festivities are celebrated for a week starting on August 15, but the opening speech that starts the festivities every year takes place in the Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia a day before.

This is a participatory event organized by the Fundació Festa Major de Gràcia, with the collaboration of all the residents of the neighbourhood, who dedicate countless hours to the creation of the creative decorations that surprise locals and tourists year after year.

This year’s poster

On May 27, in the Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia, the three finalists were chosen to become the official poster of the 201st edition of these traditional fiestas. A total amount of 150 works participated, of which 10 were selected to award a commemorative diploma to its designers, and of these 10 were the final 3 finalists.

Finally, the winner was Mónica Toledo Guzmán with a colorful design that represents precisely the participatory essence of all the neighbours of Gracia. Large and small, young and elders, music, dance, correfocs, families, friends and a lot of creativity is reflected in what will be the poster for this year.

The Festa Major de Gràcia 2018 always offers multiple cultural, recreational, gastronomic and musical activities. Dance and sports contests, castellers shows, theatre, exhibitions and open-air cinema…

But without doubt, the most important activity is the competition of decorations of streets and balconies organized by the residents of the Gràcia neighbourhood. More than 30 balconies and 18 streets and squares will participate in this competition in which a select jury will choose the different winners of each category.

From our luxury hotel in Barcelona we recommend you to attend during the first days of the holidays to enjoy the beautiful decorations of the streets.

And after your walk through the streets of Gràcia, you can walk back (yes, this is the neighbourhood hotel) to your comfortable room to rest and recover your strength. The parties last a whole week … and you will want to return!

Do not miss this fun cultural event that is part of the tradition of Barcelona!